Growers Choice Seed Bank Review ( Best Online Seed Bank USA

Our Growers Choice Seed Bank review was a fairly easy one to write. First, their website was quite easy on the eyes and nicely organized.

Grower’s choice doesn’t claim to be the best online seed bank usa. In fact, they only carry 40 strains of cannabis seeds. However, all their seeds are fully feminized, and the genetics of every strain are examined in a lab.

Grower’s choice is so confident about the cannabis seeds they sell that they offer a guarantee that at least 90 percent of their marijuana seeds will germinate. That is a refreshing change from many seed banks who take no responsibility for whether the seeds they sell are good or not.

Another thing that is a little unusual is that Choice Seed Bank has a loyalty program. You get 250 loyalty points for signing up, 250 points for writing a review, and 10 points for every dollar you spend. Getting 250 points qualifies you for a $5 discount.

Although headquartered in Spain (cannabis seed banks that ship to usa, one of the rare seedbanks from this country) Grower’s choice has a warehouse in the United States and all U.S. orders are shipped from there.

It typically takes around 7 to 10 days to receive your order by U.S. Mail, which costs an additional $9.95 but all orders are trackable.

Payment is allowed by mail, ACH electronic Checks, bitcoin, and via Zelle within the United States. Zelle allows the use of a Visa or Mastercard without any fees attached.

Another thing we like about Choice Seed Bank is that their product descriptions are particularly detailed.

Have you ever gone to a seed bank website and seen a product description only 4 lines long and are clearly written by a breeder? Not with Choice Seed Bank.

Pick a product and you will find perhaps 4 long paragraphs written just about the strain. Then click strain details and you will find full information about the strain such as the THC level and flowering time. Lastly, click on reviews and ratings and you will find dozens of customer reviews on the strain you are considering buying.

Our only problem with Grower’s Choice Seed Bank is the price. At around $10 per seed, they are a little pricey. But apparently most customers don’t mind.

However, Grower’s Choice has a 53 percent poor or bad review rating on our favorite review site, so we would urge caution and reading reviews from several sources before you buy.